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IT2 is a company from Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland. It was founded in 2016. We:
  • give personal and thorough attention to our clients;
  • work closely with our clients to provide modern high quality web design and to convey the process in an easy to understand way;
  • believe that our clients’ success is our success. Only a happy client is a good client;
  • offer free consultations and will also build small demos for people interested in our services;
  • offer a simple website starter package that can be used as basis for your website, and easily be adapted in future. You can fill the website enquiry form here, and we will get back to you.

Our clients:

How we work?

We use a straight forward 4 step process:

Discuss. We take the time to discover and explore our customer needs.

Design. We will convert your ideas and needs into a contract with specific requirements for the website, to be sure we are on the same page.

Develop. We design solutions and provide services that are tailored to each customer’s needs. Our solutions are developed based on operational, financial, schedule, and organizational considerations.

Deliver. Once the website is built and thoroughly tested, it will be published.

We offer a starter package:

It is intended for small businesses as their starter website, covering the essentials.

Adding more features to the website is possible in the future, we are not trying to charge you for functionality you don't need. That is why we are fine starting with a basic low-cost website.

This package contains everything a small business website needs.

Basic starter package

  • Domain name; We will help you choose and acquire a suitable domain name
  • 1 year of hosting, (100 € annually after that);
  • WordPress content management system;
  • Up to 10 pages on your website;
  • Responsive and modern design, based on a template that works well on tablets, smartphones, monitors etc., as well as all the modern web browsers;
  • Email integration ( or using one you already have);
  • Up to 2 company emails, connected to your website address, for example or;
  • Basic training, in the use of your website;
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization);
  • Basic website speed optimization;


  • Up to 25 pages on your website;
  • Up to 10 company emails, connected to your email address, for example or;
  • Training in the use of your website;
  • Advanced SEO, (search engine optimization);
  • Advanced website speed optimization;
  • Advanced features, tailored for your business needs;


We will build a website that is a perfect match for your company, based on a template or built from the ground-up!

Functionality we can implement:

E-commerce/online shop
Website redesign in case you already have a website but are not completely satisfied with it.
Online chat
Maps. Show a map so your clients can find you easily.
Contact form. Visitors can send you an email straight from the website.
Social media integration
Galleries as a showcase of your work.
E-mail newsletter
Mobile friendly. Website that works on Iphone/Android and Windows Phone devices.
Search Engine Optimisation, have it easy for people to find you on google.
Cross-browser support
Frequent updates
High quality

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